The type of wood is selected - pine or cherry plank. The wood is prepared by cleaning and sanding. Then light oil or thinned varnish is applied. When dry the image to be printed is drawn on the wood with brush or pen the opposite way in which it will appear when printed on the paper by pressing the inked woodblock (like a stamp).

Next the areas that will not appear in the final print are carved or cut away from the wood using a selection of gouges and knives.

Oil based ink is then rolled on to the image that was carved on the wood not touching the parts that were carved or cut away. Absorbent Rice Paper is placed on the inked image surface of the woodblock. It is then hand burnished thus pressing the ink into the paper.

A print edition maybe 1, 2, or 3 colors. The woodblock will only accept so much ink and burnishings depending on the resienlence of the wood. That means that these handmade, hand printed editions are rare and very collectible since it is unusual that more than 500 of each image will ever be produced. Each limited handmade and hand printed woodcut comes with a certificate of authenticity and care instructions for the print.

We also do the matting and framing in house and we ship unframed prints inside of 3 days or 7 days if they are framed via Priority Mail service free in the US only. Outside of US rates apply and can be quoted to you with an exact address including zip code, etc. before you place the order. We accept Pay Pal and all major credit cards.